Friday, August 29


(Zapote, Costa Rica, 29 August 2003)-Costa Rica is betting on you to bet on its kids. As many lucky tourists know, Costa Rica a warm and beautiful country well down the spine of Central America, and located squarely between Panama and Nicaragua. It has a very stable government and a viable health system. Like many other countries in the region, however, it has many families, which simply cannot afford the level of care they sorely need. BetCBS.com is doing something about it.

As a member of the Costa Rican business community, BetCBS.com has initiated a program where it is doing its part to help those most seriously in need. For every wager received from guests of BetCBS.com, it pays two cents to a fund (Bet on a Kid Program), that is donated annually to the Children's Hospital (Hospital Nacional de Niños) and The Ramiro Aguilar School for Children in San José, Costa Rica.

In essence, BetCBS.com is asking us to remember that when we place a wager with BetCBS.com, we are also placing a Bet on a Kid! Need we mention they are all great kids.


To contribute towards the well-being and health of the child population of the country, by offering special medical attention and services in emergency situations, and by ensuring the children receive high quality services, efficiency, equity and opportunity.


To be a Center of Medical Sciences with a focus on pathologies of the highest complexity, to enhance our capability to improve the health of the child population of Costa Rica, and to contribute to the Pediatric National and International Foundations through research and development.

Thursday, August 21


(Zapote, Costa Rica, 21 August 2003)- Casablanca Sports has posted future odds on Tiger Woods winning any one of the remaining PGA-sponsored events this season. Why doubt the Tiger? When you pare it right down to the raw numbers, Tiger Woods has enjoyed a very successful year by everyone's standards, but his own. The fact, that he has failed to win even one of the four major championships, however, has cast a shadow over Wood's play that he hasn't been able to shake, especially during the last few weeks.

After winning 7 of 11 majors he's now had three of his worst finishes in major play, including his tie for 39th place on Sunday. Posting his worst finish in any PGA championship, Woods never even threatened the leader board, opening with a 74, and finishing the weekend with a pair of 73's.

Tiger Woods is readily acknowledged as the world's top player, but clearly did not gain that ranking based on his most recent play. He has won four championships this year and is ranked second on the Money Leader Board behind Davis Love III. To contend for his fifth straight, Player of the Year, honors, he will have to finish the season on a high note.

There are eight PGA sanctioned events left in the season. Will Tiger shake the monkey on his back and win one of these championships? Bet on it now at betCBS.


Will Tiger Woods win at least one of the final PGA sanctioned events for the 2003 season?

Yes, Tiger will win at least one event. -400

No, Tiger will not win any of the remaining events. +300

Tuesday, August 12


(Zapote, Costa Rica, 12 August 2003)-Kobe Bryant, 24 year old NBA superstar will appear at a preliminary hearing October 9th in Eagle, Colorado. He is expected to enter a plea to the single charge of “sexual penetration or intrusion” as laid by a 19-year old former cheerleader. The Bryant case is being compared to other high profile criminal trials including OJ Simpson’s 1995 murder trial, Mike Tyson’s rape hearings and William Kennedy Smith’s 1991 rape proceedings.

The, as yet, unnamed accuser in the case is said to have met Bryant while working at a luxury spa resort in Edwards, near Eagle, where Bryant was recovering from minor surgery. Bryant, previously the squeaky clean golden boy of the NBA, insists he is innocent of rape and a victim of injustice.

At the preliminary hearing on October 9th the judge will decide whether there is enough evidence to require a trial in state district court. If the case goes to trial the Prosecutor will have to prove at which point the sexual encounter became non-consensual. If convicted, Bryant could face a maximum sentence of life in prison.

The identity and the testimony of the cheerleader have been sealed. They are also deemed off limits to the media. Two of Bryant’s sponsors, Nutella and Coca Cola, have discontinued campaigns, which featured the NBA superstar.


Will Kobe Bryant be found guilty?

Yes, Kobe is guilty +110

No, Kobe will be acquitted/Hung Jury -150


(Zapote, Costa Rica, 12 November 2003)-The only undefeated NFL team has already surpassed its win total for the entire season last year. With a blistering 9-0 start, the Chiefs have won every game this season with an explosive offensive attack and an opportunistic defense. They currently sit atop the AFC West and are an odds favorite to win the division and the AFC Championship.

"The Kansas City Chiefs are a team that beats opponents on both sides of the ball," says betCBS CEO, Dave Johnson. "Dick Vermeil has recreated the magic in Kansas City that he displayed previously in Philadelphia and St. Louis. The explosive offense features the strong running attack of Priest Holmes, complemented by an electrifying Special Teams Unit, highlighted by Dante Hall. The defense, although mediocre in some aspects, makes up for its shortcomings by forcing a large number of turnovers."

With only seven games remaining in the regular season, many diehard football followers are pondering whether the Chiefs will go undefeated for the entire season. If they are able to do so, they will join the ranks of the only other team in NFL history to pull off a record season - the 1972 Miami Dolphins.

Although Kansas City has enjoyed a relatively easy schedule, thus far, the remaining teams don't seem to pose that much of an obstacle. Only two of the seven remaining opponents have winning records, and those two teams, the Broncos and Vikings, have been on a downturn in recent weeks. The seven teams and their respectable records are as follows:

Week 11 Bengals (4-5)
Week 12 Raiders (2-7)
Week 13 Chargers (2-7)
Week 14 Broncos (5-4)
Week 14 Lions (3-6)
Week 15 Vikings (6-3)
Week 16 Bears (3-6)

The current odds, as to whether the Chiefs will be the second team in NFL history to go undefeated through the regular season, are as follows:

Yes, Chiefs go undefeated +700
No, Chiefs will lose at least one game -1100

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